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Choosing A Baby Over Career Or Vice Versa

The average age for an expecting mom at the moment is higher than it was in the past. This is quite obvious when we look at the stats. Women wait more before they actually have a baby because of a main focus that is usually put on career. We have to realize the fact that this is something that is really important. A family is quite hard to raise due to economic problems that many families have at the moment. With this in mind, infographics like the one you can see here will help you make a decision: career or a baby?
There are many interesting stats and facts that are presented. Use these as advice so that you can decide exactly what the best decision is in your case.
Gumtree infographic baby versus career
Gumtree infographic baby versus career is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

Beautify Your Home with Style and Character

Buying a house can be difficult and expensive but maintaining and decorating it is way expensive. Nevertheless, our house is the greatest investment we are proud to have. Actually, we did not have much furniture and appliances when we moved in. Thankfully, a few of our friends gave us some hand-me-downs furniture and received an old children’s bed from MIL. It’s been over four years I think since we bought this house and yet the only precious and important thing we bought was our sofa. However during that four years so many things have had broken that required immediate fixing and repairment. Husband and I have so many plans to make this house homey, cozy and worth living. The basement would perhaps look relaxing if we renovate it and add some flooring, furnish, cabinets and clean walls. It is just too hard to make some home improvement right now because of financial problem.

As I was browsing online and came across some websites that offer low prices on furniture. Honestly, it was so tempting to buy those home decor and furniture that I desired. I also find a few outdoor and home decoration at Home and Patio Décor Center Furniture – Royal Teak collection that might look wonderful in our backyard. It has its own character and style that I think would stand out. If you enjoy taking your guest in your backyard then this Royal Teak Collection 13 Piece 5′ Round Drop Leaf Teak Patio Table and All Weather Wicker Helena Chair Set is a beautiful addition to your patio or deck and would certainly make a great impression.

Meanwhile, there are many way to beautify our abode to make it look nice and attractive. You can buy second hand decoration or the DIY (do it your own) way would simply works. As I was cleaning our cabinets I saw quiet a few wine bottle and thought of a creative DIY ideas to make those wine bottle useful. Saving money for the house is never easy. So, while doing so, maybe a DIY home decor would add some adornment in this house. I bought a string, glue and these tiny decoration for less. It was pretty easy to do it and doesn’t required too many materials. The picture above is the finish product. Right now I am trying to finish my cross stitch and hopefully have it frame and decorated to our empty wall. Someday, our wish to add more furniture outdoor and indoor will come true.