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Miss Smarty Pants Posted a Note

I have been MIA most of the time this past year and haven’t been sharing much about my two dragones. Well, they’re like big people now especially this lil Miss kikay that always has her way. I’ve wanted to share this funny experience right after new year when it happened. It’s winter and as expected lots of school delayed going on. School was delayed because of the cold weather. Jake woke up his usually early morning and asked if there was school or not but this girl really showed that she didn’t care of school delayed or cancelled. Oh yes, she was snoring and we were laughingly impressed. So, we got them to school that day and had a little argument during the night. I thought I already put her to bed but when I went upstairs for bed I read her note posted outside or room, “Mommy doesn’t love me enee more” with sad smiley face. Say what???? She’s five and she acts like a fifty year old striker hehehe. Well, it was cute and funny but I had to put up straight face and told her not very nice. The next day she sent us a sorry message. She can be sweet and cute but she can also be extreme in everything. What would you feel if you read a note like this from your children?

Helpful Tips in Buying RC vehicle

Remote control (RC) vehicles are a fun and exciting hobby to get into. The quality and durability of the RC vehicles that are produced today are truly exceptional. The batteries are also capable of lasting longer than they ever did before. As if that wasn’t enough, the range of the vehicles has grown significantly in recent years. The speed of the vehicles and the power they are capable of producing puts the RC vehicles of 30 years ago to shame. So how do you get started in this hobby? Here are a few tips that will help you select your first RC vehicle.

1. Choose a vehicle that’s easy to drive

All RC vehicles are not created equal. Some are much harder to drive than others. Since you are just starting out, you should probably avoid buying one of the really powerful and fast models that is powered by gas or nitro. Ideally, you want something simple to start out with. This will allow you to get the feel of how an RC vehicle responds to the various commands you give it. One you feel you have got the hang of it, you can feel free to move up to a more advanced model.

2. RTR models

Some people like to build their RC vehicles. However, most people want to simply pull their vehicle out of the box and start playing with it. If you want to avoid building your vehicle, you will need to buy a Ready to Race (RTR) vehicle. If you are buying your vehicle online, make sure that RTR is specified in the description. Otherwise, you will be very disappointed when it finally arrives in the mail.

3. Durability

Where will you be driving your RC vehicle? If you plan to put your vehicle to the test and subject it to some rugged terrain, it would be wise to buy a vehicle that has all of the electronics housed in a sealed compartment. You should also make sure you buy a vehicle that has RC parts which are easy to find if you ever need to replace anything. If you drive the vehicle long enough, something is eventually going to break.

4. Charger

You need to carefully consider the charger used for your vehicle’s batteries. If your charger takes a long time to recharge your batteries, this will severely limit the fun you can have with your RC vehicle. Therefore, try to find a charger that is capable of recharging your batteries in the shortest period of time possible.