20 percent of Ellie .

Live Statue at Old Navy

When we went shopping at Old Navy for school uniform we can’t get these two lil dragons to stay still. They were everywhere and think that old navy is playground. At the counter area it took a long while before we got out turn because of a long line of costumer. I was watching at these two dragons copying the mannequin, So I asked them to post for me and they did. They’re like a live mannequin and it looks adorable though.

A Must Insurance

In life we all need insurance. May it be personal, spiritual, financial and physical. Life is like a roller coaster because sometimes, you are on top and sometimes you hit rock bottom. There are times in life when you feel you get everything you want and need, and a times also that you feel all the burden and obstacles. With regards to health not all the time we feel physically well. Notice the weather and season for now, it’ getting cold and a mix of rainy and fogs especially in the morning. Now that fall is in the air some us is getting sick. Thus a health insurance quote might be a good start to surf the net for affordable health insurance. Think of you health first and I am sure you would agree with me that an insurance is a must and essential in life.