20 percent of Ellie .

Milestones | 2nd Lose Tooth

Like we always say, baby grows so fast and yes they are. It felt like it was yesterday when I had this lil lambchop in his first baby food and with her adorable toothless smile. I lost track of time and missed posting about their milestones because as these children grow, they got more demands and more needy.

She was still drooling with her four teeth and with all fairness to this lil kikay, she wasn’t so fussy when she was teething.

Then, after 7 years that first tooth became the first lose tooth. She lost her first tooth at the end of that same month of her birthday. Yesterday, daddy pulled her 2nd lose tooth. It was funny this morning when she woke up and checked under her pillow and found nothing. Most children including mine believes in tooth fairy and they expect it after they lose their tooth. So, as she started crying I snuck in a dollar on her bed and said, ” Sweetie, what’s that dollar on the bed, is that yours?” LOL. And she believed it.

Early Gift Shopping

It’s the time of the year again when we get to be rich and broke for one day or one month. ‘Tis the season to shop for gifts for our love ones, friends, family, and especially children because they spent their 365 days, thinking what to add to their list. And if you have older kids to give gifts to, then a guitar would be a cool idea so, check out guitar center towson for that matter. Meanwhile, before i think about gifts I should think about Halloween costume first. My children love Halloween and Christmas because they get to dress up weird, pretty, and scary while on Holiday they get gifts they want such as legos. Soon, when they grow up I am pretty sure they want one of this cool gadget and toys that older boys love to play with. So, what sort of gifts you children expect to receive this year? Start shopping early so you will get great deal and able to shop conveniently without the rush.