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KidsGold -14k for Kids Birthstone Earring

We have different outlook about family however, for most of us believes that children makes the family worthwhile and wonderful. As for me, I choose to have a children thus having a family is my top priority over career. My children completes me as a person, woman, mother and a parent. Children make our life more exciting and interesting. I have two kids, a boy and a girl. My son does sports and other boy thing while my daughter love doing girl-ish stuff like dolls, sometimes make up and jewelry. If you have a daughter and would want to doll her up then i supposed you would want to have this adorable piece of fine jewelry.

Since ancient times the wearing of birthstones has been thought to bring good luck and good health. Every month has its own special stone, each with own fabled qualities and benefits. Beginning in 1979, the creators of KidsGold -14k for Kids have been merchandising 14k gold children’s jewelry programs for major retailers throughout the country.

KidsGold -14k for Kids is 14k Gold Children’s Jewelry at Great Prices + Free Shipping! Genuine Birthstones, Earrings, Necklaces, Religious, Rings, Bracelets. Every item comes gift boxed with a matching tote. Visit www.kidsgold.com for our complete selection.

Now KidsGold -14k for Kids is offering your favorite girl her very own pair of 14k Gold .50ct TW Genuine Birthstone Earrings in a beautiful basket setting at 30% off! All months with their corresponding gemstones are included!

Each pair of 14k Gold Genuine Birthstone Earrings at $48.99 (regular price $69.99) comes Gift Boxed with a Matching Tote + Free Shipping!
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Skin Protection from Pesky Mosquito

Protecting your family during the outdoor seasons is extremely important. Although we share our earth with bugs of all types, and most of the time peacefully, it behooves us to arm ourselves and our families against the bugs that could inflict serious harm or sickness on ourselves or our families. Mosquitos have become more of an issue due to the rise in sicknesses that they can carry. It is for this reason that we should take as many steps as possible to protect ourselves from being bitten by these insects.

Mosquito Repellents
The first obvious step is to make sure that yourself and all family members have applied a suitable mosquito repellent before heading outdoors. During the summer months and even in early fall, mosquitos can linger. Taking a few minutes to apply the repellent before heading outdoors adds the first layer of defense.

Protecting Your Yard
Not only can you arm yourself and family against mosquito bites, you can also prep your yard so that it’s less desirable to mosquitos. Standing water is literally a breeding ground for mosquitos. A mosquito is able to lay up to 200 eggs in just a tiny bit of water. This is an instance where investing in a mosquito larvae trap is a good idea. A trap can wipe out many mosquitos in half the time that other measures take.

The fact that mosquitos love standing water is motivation to get rid of old planters with standing water, discarded tires, gutters, and air conditioning drip pans, to name a few. Clear out and empty as much standing water as possible. This will make your yard a lot less popular with these insects. Don’t forget to keep your grass cut, and your bushes trimmed to eliminate hiding places for mosquitos. Additionally, make sure your window screens are in good condition to prevent entry.

The message is clear. Protect yourself and your family by using repellants and add a second layer of defense by arming your yard and your home to make both less popular to mosquitos. A little work can go a long way in protecting your family and your surroundings from the harmful effects of mosquitoes.