20 percent of Ellie .


I am please that my sister trusted me to continue this blog Sweet life and hesitant at the same time because I’m really not that talented when it come’s to writing stuff about everyday life and i notice in her previous post that she doesn’t use picture that much while i am on the other hand can seldom write a post with out picture a picture on it,. I always relay on photos most of the time, I wanted to write a post without photos on this blog but I failed so i have no choice but to look for picture of my pets prince, sassy,sweety and nieces and nephews juleane, justine, jake, leomar, leonor and badodot (i will try with to write something with my neices and nephews) since I wanted to share their milestone to 😮 . And also i have issues with my writing style and grammar Lol, hey I’m just new here but i will try to be vigilant for my mistakes so I could not disappoint my sister in taking over this blog and a will try to update this as possible us possible :evilgrin: for i have this new found talent of tiredness( is there no such words as tirediness?) but for now I hope having a photo in a post won’t change sweet life image. 🙂 :-)) :laugh:

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  1. Rose says:

    We’re the same, I can’t write a post without picture lol..

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