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My Man and Bundles of Joy

My man! The provider and breadwinner who brings the bacon on top of the table. He goes to work everyday and got up early by himself. He is not the perfect husband but man enough to support his family’s needs which is great. Well I just thought of showing my appreciation to him today. I’ve seen him lately so stress out in managing our financial plus pressure at work. Thanks babe for everything you provide for this family and working so hard to give our kids a good future.

My husband came home today from work bragging about his new computer at work and new office too. He was more excited with the computer because for 2 years now he is been using the same old computer. The math department will give him a set of computer and new speaker. I am not really sure if it’s pc speakers or some high quality speaker. He will also have a new office of his own. He and his colleague had been sharing the same office for five years now. And it’s about time that they both have a separate office for privacy I supposed.

Last fall semester, my husband had been taking Jake to school every Thursday and had one of his student watched him while he was having his class. Thanks to his students who volunteer to watch Jake. She was really good with baby because she also baby sit some kids in their place. Our reason for allowing Jake to go to school was to get acquainted with different people and perhaps learn how to control his behavior. However, my lil girl had been to his work for three times only. Although she was shy and doesn’t want to look at on people’s faces she still finds her cute. These are my wonderful family, my life and my world.

5 responses to “My Man and Bundles of Joy”

  1. Mrs.D says:

    awwwwwwwwwww…..this is a wonderful post I would say….bring the bacon baby…and sausage too…ehehhee…joke lang tsang…:)

  2. Willa says:

    Swerte ng student,for sure pasado na yun! 🙂

  3. Willa says:

    Parehas tayo mars, kahit may mga flaws ang ating other half, just overlook it na lang and focus on the good side, at least hindi tayo binubugbog ,at isa pa, hindi na natin kailangan asikasuhin kasi marunong na sila sa sarili nila.

  4. mrs. m says:

    I see a beautiful heart of a mom and a wife in this post.

    God bless your lovely family.

  5. shengkay says:

    one proud mama and a wife..

    wonderful family you have..thats life nobodys perfect..

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