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Jake @ One

It’s been ages since I visited my Flickr account. I was surprised to find out that it’s still exist. I had few pictures and couple of video upload to that account and this one was one of them.

This was Jake’s first birthday in that old apartment we rented. That apartment was too small with one bedroom and a tiny bathroom. We experienced ice age in that place during the winter hehehe.

Anyway, Jake is really Jake. He has a mind of his own and while watching the video I can’t help but to compare him with Justine. He was such a good baby and very agreeable when he was little. Now that he understands things he sometimes agrees but he will remind you of what he wants and needs. I miss my baby because now that they’re grown up seems like parenting become more complex.

One response to “Jake @ One”

  1. Calliegh says:

    Awww.. ka cute sang little boy Jake.. Ako sad tsang.. mo teary eyed watching those old videos and pictures of my Koala….

    Jake looks identical ni Justine sang baby pa.. Abi nako si Justine na sa video..

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