20 percent of Ellie .


Have you guys been to a flea market or garage/yard sale? Well, these are the places that I enjoy going to and it’s exciting finding other’s people stuffs that they want to dispose but for you it’s like treasure. Anyway, couple of days ago we went to MIL place and one of the church in their place had this project called bag-a-buck. It’s like a yard sale of some sort or back in my home country it’s more like ukay-ukay. I was so curious and excited about it. They got clothing and shoes and other stuffs that they got from some of their sponsors i guess. So, there already a long line when we came back to that church because it started at 5;00 in the afternoon.

Anyhow, this bag-a-buck thing is like a church project happens once a year. Do you know what is so incredible about it? Well, you will put everything in one bag, as in pick everything you want and pay that one bag filled with stuff for a buck ($1). Isn’t it a great deal? We filled three bags with clothing mostly for J&J and shoes and paid $3 only. The picture above with Justine’s dress and shoes were one of the clothing we got from that sale.

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