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I Dream to Win the Lottery

Everyone is dreaming of winning the lottery and that includes me. No wonder why there are always long queues of people in almost all lottery outlet to buy tickets. There is no easy money nowadays but with this instant cash sweepstakes one can have his life changed to a very rich one in a flash. It sounds like a fairy tale but in reality it is really difficult to win this very elusive number. It can be compared to finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Statistically, it is really impossible to get the right number in one betting because of the millions of combination that can be made. It is really frustrating and yet exciting because who knows if luck is on your side. Some have resorted to using the important numbers of their life like birthdays, anniversaries, house and street numbers hoping to win it. I am still waiting for my luck to be the next millionaire and who knows? But I have to buy those tickets first in order to have my chance to win.

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