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Orientation and First Day of School

Whew! August is almost over and today is Jake’s first day in school as Pre-K. We went to the orientation yesterday to met the teachers and other parents. The teachers are both nice and they seems enjoy dealing with little children. After the teacher discussed everything to the parents, she asked the kids if they want to play or write on the board. Well, Jake raise his hands first and volunteer to write numbers on the board. The the rest of the kids got their marker and started doodling on the board. The meeting ended well.

Today. we got up early because Jake’s class starts at 8:15. The first day of school wasn’t that bad as I thought. I think it’s the husband feeling emotional and a little bit of separation anxiety. I have Justine in my hand so the husband was the one dealing with Jake. Jake did not cry but he seems scared and anxious but we’re glad he did not cry at all. We are kind of anxious right now about how he was doing inside that classroom and how is he dealing with other kids.

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