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The Faces of Divorce

Divorce is common and legal in the developed countries like the United States and in Europe. Almost every day, there are couples that end up their marriages and seek the help of divorce lawyers. Divorce may sound easy to the ears but the real thing is, it is emotionally dragging especially if one party is not amenable to conditions set by the other party. Divorce greatly affects not only the couples involved but the children as well. Filing for divorce is also not easy, as it entails a lot of paper works and legal proceedings which are time-consuming and financially draining.

In some countries, divorce is illegal and a bane. Religious groups and even legislators are against the enactment of the divorce law since they believe that what God has put together, let no man put asunder. But if the marriage is not really working anymore and that there are more disputes and bad outcomes, couples in these countries part ways and settle themselves peacefully.

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