Pink Friday | Acne Wash

When I was growing up, i did not experience having too many pimples. I occasionally get one or two tiny spot but it automatically gone once my period is over. I never imagined in my entire life to use one of this acne cream until now. I have acne in my forehead and it’s really gross. It was the reason my I cut my hair and put bangs to cover this awful acne.

5 Responses to Pink Friday | Acne Wash

  1. I never heard about pink grapefruit cream cleanser before ;) thanks for sharing sis ;)

    visiting for PF

  2. aws.. never tried that one before..:)

  3. Been hearing good feedbacks on Neutrogena products. Hope it does help you on your acne. :) #PF

  4. Rest, rest, rest lang gyud. Sayo tulog, ayaw pagbilar kay makasamot na.. I hope kanang acne wash effective and would solve your problem..

    Visiting from PF- hope you can stop by..

  5. This is my first time to see a pink cleanser. Neutrogena is good for those who have sensitive skin. I hope it works for you! #PF

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