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Gearing Up for Winter

Living in a country with four season is quite a challenge. During cold season you have to endure the freezing weather and try not to get sick. Sometimes I would say it’s expensive too because you have to dress up appropriately depending on the weather. Putting in two or three layer of clothing is heavy enough and then we have to wear heavy winter coat. It’s a pain in the neck but this is better than getting hypothermia. Winter is coming so it’s start shopping for winter coat, jacket and clothing now. Shopping for Carhartt flame resistant jackets is good for winter as it keep you warm especially if you work in a place where you’re exposed to the risk of fire or electrical arcs. This is a great jacket for fire fighter I supposed. This type of jacket is also suitable gear when you go on camping and other outdoor adventure.

4 responses to “Gearing Up for Winter”

  1. I hate layering clothing I will have to checkout this jacket.

  2. Winter is not that bad here in our place since its only rare to have snow just cold temperature…We are wishing to have a white Christmas…:-)

  3. jheylo says:

    it’s about time to take all our winter clothing out 😀 to keep us nice and warm

  4. MamaBreak says:

    We have already had snow, so all of our gear is out and ready to go!

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