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LEGO KidsFest, Awesome Event!

Legos are not just for lil kids but adults too. Who do you think built this Lego model? Well, this may look simple and kids can build this I guess but how about this;

LEGO car of Cars show

This sure was made by a big person and it’s all made of Lego bricks. Awesome!

Imagine how many Lego brick they put together to built this fantastic model of Cars character.

We were at David L. Lawrence Convention Center to play with Legos. LEGO Kids Fest has series of event here in Pittsburgh and I got us four free tickets courtesy of USFamily Guide and Pittsburgh Kids Guide.

As soon as we got inside the Convention center, my lil guy find his spot and start playing and building the lego while the lil girl was just having fun walking over those pile of Lego bricks on the floor.

While Jake was busy building those lego, Justine and I look around and took pictures of all those favorite characters like cars, Woody and Buzz, Batman, shark, hulk, super heroes and more.

I’m glad this lil girl was in the mood for picture taking. View More Lego Models in my Facebook photo album. The lil guy was overwhelmed with all those legos and wanted to buy everything he sees. We got him the Ninja alarm clock. There were also different activities for kids and Lego toys for sale. I wanted to stay longer but husband don’t want to get caught up with the traffic.
The LEGO Kids Fest still in town until tomorrow so don’t miss it out. Get your Tickets for both sessions on Sunday available online at http://www.legokidsfest.com/pittsburgh/tickets.html. Visit their website for LEGO KidsFest event scheduls and Like LEGOKidsFest on Facebook for information, updates and promotion.

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun! I love the Car from the movie that is really neat!

  2. Wow! I am not sure what else to say on that. My husband is a Lego freak from way back when. I can’t picture walking through all of those legos…especially without the shoes on!

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