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ITO EN’s Sencha & Oolong Tea Shots Review

Do you drink tea? Have you tried ITO EN Sencha and Oolong tea?

Well, if you are a tea drinker then you should try ITO EN’s Sencha & Oolong Tea Shots as alternative to your morning coffee and soda drinks. Sencha means green tea in Japanese. This kind of drinks are very popular in Japan and very healthy too. When we think or speak about healthy lifestyle, weight loss, healthy drinks and the likes tea always comes in the picture. Just like any other fruit juice that contains good nutrition, tea is equally nutritional and valuable. You can never go wrong with tea. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world besides water of course. It is a fact that tea can help decrease your appetite and it can also fight cavity. There are so many good and health benefits with tea that we should need to know.

Honestly, I prefer sweetened tea because my taste buds like sweet. I drink coffee but I always put a lot of sugar in it. I’m a coca cola drinker as well. Just few months ago I have noticed that I gained weight and because of it I am also noticing bad implication on my body and health. I got acne which i find it hard to believe but according to my physician it’s the hormonal effect. I also started wheezing and coughing because of my weight. So, I decided to get back on my workout and exercise in order to lose weight. I also want to quit or listen my soda consumption and perhaps switch to tea instead. I bought a lot of lemon tea so I won’t get tempted to drink coke everyday. I also got lucky to have received couple boxes of Oolong Tea shot and ITO EN’s Sencha shot. All thanks to ITO EN for this opportunity to review their amazing product.

Sencha Shot has a STRONG and HEALTHY punch keep that in mind so you won’t get surprise when you first taste it. So out of curiosity I opened one can Sencha shot and I sort of liking it. Then, I tried the Oolong shot and it is also good. It may not taste sweet but my taste buds sort of adopting it right away. True to their word, the taste is kind of different perhaps rather unusual but it’s extremely good. I have finished six cans already and one thing I have noticed every time I get a sip of this tea my cough starts to calm down. During the holiday, I sort of stopped exercising and gain back the pounds that I lost couple of months ago. So, if you want to stick with your new years resolution this year 2013, then I would recommend to try Oolong tea shot and Sencha shot as your drinking companion.

ITO EN is a very popular tea company in Japan and have been in the business of making fine tea products, including loose tea, bottled teas, and traditional teas for over 30 years now. In May 2001, ITO EN (North America) Inc. was founded and introduced it to United States market. In 2002, the Teas’ Tea line of natural, unsweetened bottled tea was launched. The product line functions as the centerpiece of ITO EN (North America) Inc. for it upholds ITO EN’s principles of Natural, Safe, Healthy, Well-Designed, and Delicious. The product was first introduced through wholesale distribution in New York City and the Tri-State area. ITO EN is a company, who cares about the environment and social responsibility. Not only they carry a healthy products, ITO EN is also eco-friendly as they recycle their used tea leaves from production and upcycle them to make park benches, uniforms, pens and more. They work with Whole Foods Non-profit Whole planet to alleviate poverty in the developing worlds, and much more. Read more information here. visit their website as well to learn more about their tea product and be amazed at how amazing this products are.

ITO EN’s Sencha & Oolong Tea Shots are healthy alternative to a coffee or soda. HEALTH IN A CAN – quick, strong and invigorating. It is filled with caffeine, antioxidants, and polyphenols. A can of Oolong shot and Sencha shot gives you energy boost and is extremely healthy being all natural, calorie free (it is unsweetened), and high in vitamin C. The small can container makes your morning drink convenient and easy. Instead of your usual morning coffee, why not switch to something earthy and healthy drink of tea. This is like the Japanese equivalent of an espresso shot – highly antioxidant Sencha green tea in a can. Here’s some tips that you might want to follow in order to keep you new year’s resolution and improve your way of life. Provided by Ito En Healthy Living Tip for 2013.

5 Steps to stay Healthy

A Healthier You in 2013

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions might be, we know how difficult it is to keep them. Research shows that late January signals the trailing off of fitness club visits, healthy eating commitments, and vows to live with less stress. Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with These 5 Steps:

1. Do it for you.

The most important part of change is your will to do so. If you change for someone else, you will most likely find it harder to maintain your intention to change. Do what you want to do. Do it for you. You deserve it.

2. Be realistic: change one thing at a time.

Keep it simple and change one thing at a time. It is challenging enough to change one behavior, and taking on too much can disperse your focus and motivation. Stay focused on one change, and follow through. Through your success, you will find the energy and belief in yourself to do anything you set your mind to!

3. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Before January 1st, write a list of everything you are grateful for. You might want to change something, but focus on the many things that you love, and appreciate. A focus on gratitude gives you strength and a love for yourself that makes it easier to change what you find undesirable. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself when you succeed, AND when you fail. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

4. Make a plan.

Create a plan of action to reach your goal. If you want to eat healthier food, you might create a healthier weekly meal plan. Shop when you are feeling full and content, and choose your groceries carefully. Research healthy, easy recipes online, and create action steps for your success. It may be helpful to consult a nutritionist, or enroll friends and family in your plan so they can support you along the way.

5. Recommit to your goal each day.

One of the biggest challenges for maintaining and reaching goals is to remember the goal. It sounds silly, but the human mind is forgetful, easily distracted, and loves to make excuses. Leave a note with your goal by your bedside, and read it twice daily, morning and evening. Ask yourself if you still want this goal, and recommit to it daily. This will keep your goal top of mind throughout your day, and throughout your state of rest.

Last night I finished all my online work with the help of Sencha shot and Oolong shot. It’s very helpful, convenient and definitely a new experience for me to be drinking tea all day and night long. I feel good and energized. I, we recommend the You’ll find this tasty beverage quick, strong, invigorating and healthy! This green tea has such depth of flavor, body, and robust mouth feel, even espresso-lovers will become fans. If you prefer a milder flavor with the same health benefits, try our Oolong Shot. You can purchase 30 cans of ITO EN SHOT for $45.00 only and it is also available in singles at Whole Foods Market, and other specialty grocery stores. Now as a valued reader, you can enjoy and take advantage of the special offer exclusively and save 20% off by using the Promo code: NewU13. This promocode is also good for the Oolong Shot, and the Fiber Shot.

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  1. Dhemz says:

    I’ve never tried this kind of tea before….I did not know that drinking tea can fight cavities…that’s really good to know.

  2. jheylo says:

    Haven’t heard of this product until today. i rarely drink tea only when i’m not feeling so well. I should check this out at our local store

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