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Justine Does Yoga | Bal Yoga for Kids Review

Yoga for Kids
Learning Through Fun and Play

Have you thought of activity for your kids to do this summer? Well, for older kids a summer camp is probably the best place to send them but how about your little ones? Perhaps an activity designed for children ages 3+ would be great. Guess what? I just received this amazing Yoga for kids book with CD and DVD included from Bal Yoga for Kids. Yoga is a relaxing exercise and this will keep your little ones occupied. My daughter love it as she enjoyed doing her yoga by imitating the kids in the video. Awesome book, you should get one for your children.
Bal Yoga for Kids
Bal Yoga for Kids is A fun and easy interactive method teaching kids yoga postures from A – Z with a sing along CD and DVD demonstration. It’s calming, relaxing, engaging, educational and a fun-filled activity designed for children. However, mom can do the yoga too and make it like a bonding exercise with mommy and kids. Yoga is not for adult only but kids can now do yoga. Meanwhile, there are 26 different yoga position and names your children can learn from this book and DVD. Kids can listen to the CD if they need a relaxing and calming sounds. As they do their Yoga with the CD they can hear a bell ring that tells them to change and switch to the next Yoga postion. It’s very smart how they create this exercises and incorporate the letters of the alphabet to it for children to learn. At the end of the yoga exercise they can just relax and take a nap if they want too.

* The Joy of Practicing Bal Yoga for Kids (Book, DVD & CD)

1. Improves Balance
2. Develops Coordination
3. Teaches Body Awareness
4. Builds Strength & Flexibility
5. Mindful of Breath and relaxation
6. Stimulates Imagination
7. Encourages Memory and Listening Skills
8. Introduces Alphabet & Letters
9. Appreciation of Music & Rhyme

* Benefits of Practicing Bal Yoga for Kids (Book, DVD & CD)

1. Kids get Yoga exercise and experience calming and relaxing activity.
2. Develop Strength ,Flexibility, and Agility
3. Learn words and the alphabet in a fun and indirect way.
4. Can follow easy direction and action as demonstrated in the DVD
5. Nurture independence as they follow through this easy position.
6. Keep them occupied and a healthy way to ease their boredom.

You can visit their website and Read more about Bal Yoga for kids. Keep updated with the latest News & Events at Bal Yoga for Kids by connecting to their social network. Watch out also for the giveaway for a chance to own a Bal Yoga book for free.

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5 responses to “Justine Does Yoga | Bal Yoga for Kids Review”

  1. Awww! Go Justine Go!!! You look so adorable doing the yoga. You made my night. I will try to pitch this yoga for kids Mommy S 🙂 K likes to follow me too when I work out. This is perfect for her 🙂

  2. Bless says:

    Way to go Justine! She is so fun to watch doing her thing 🙂 I like this yoga for kids as it gives them the exercise they need as well as learn alphabet too. Wonderful! 🙂

  3. Rcel says:

    Hahaha! Justine is the cutest! Wow! A health enthusiast at a very young age! Keep it up, little lady! stay fit and pretty always! 🙂

  4. Lulu says:

    Justine is so serious about this yoga thing makes me envy her. I desperately need a good yoga exercise everyday!

  5. Dede says:

    It’s so great to get kids active at a young age!

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