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Lego Kids Fest 2014 Tour Announcment

Ready your building skills! The LEGO KidsFest, a nationally-traveling giant LEGO expo, is coming to a city near you! This interactive LEGO extravaganza brings all of the creative hands-on, minds-on fun of LEGO building and experiences together in an activity- and entertainment-packed family event for children of all ages and builders of all skills and interests.

LEGO Kids Fest


Giant Family Expo Kicks Off 6th Year of National Tour

  • Raleigh, NC:  February 28 – March 2
  • Novi, MI:  April 25 – 27 
  • Calgary, AB, Canada:  May 16 – 18
  • Atlanta, GA:  June 27 – 29
  • Dallas, TX:  August 29 – 31
  • Richmond, VA:  October 3 – 5  
  • Indianpolis, IN:  November 7-9

Among the many LEGO attractions, families will find:

  • LEGO Model Gallery: dozens of life-sized models made entirely from LEGO bricks
  • LEGO Master Builders: live demonstrations and activities from the crew who get paid to play
  • Creation Nation: build your own creation to add to a custom map of the U.S. (in U.S. Markets only)
  • Race Ramps: build your own custom car, then race it down the ramp against friends and family
  • Construction Zones: creative free build, play and display areas
  • LEGO DUPLO®: younger visitors can explore imagination through building
  • LEGO Retail and KidsFest Marketplace: purchase LEGO and official KidsFest tour merchandise
  • Brick Pile: a gigantic pile full of LEGO bricks for creative play and enjoyment
  • Monochromatic Builds: bricks of a single color to foster group creativity
  • Brickscapes: fantastic displays that combine lots of LEGO and DUPLO sets
  • LEGO CHIMA: choose your tribe and test your Speedor battling skills
  • And much more, covering over 150,000+ square feet of space

On tour since 2009, nearly 420,000 have attended a LEGO KidsFest.  Previous tour stops include Minneapolis, Boston, Austin, Cincinnati, Denver, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Hartford, Milwaukee, San Jose, Phoenix, Louisville, Cleveland and Raleigh.  Tickets for many cities have sold out with 27,000 to 30,000 visitors in attendance at each venue.

Based on sell-out attendance in previous markets, advance ticket purchase is strongly encouraged. Tickets for all 2014 tour stops are on sale at www.LEGOkidsfest.com.

Five sessions – all identical and 4 1/2 hours each – are available for the each tour stop.  For full details, visit the website at www.LEGOKidsFest.com.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to catch LEGO KidsFest in your area. Make sure to mark your calendar. It’s fun, it’s Lego fun-tastic!

12 responses to “Lego Kids Fest 2014 Tour Announcment”

  1. Jenn says:

    My kids LOVE LEGO’s…wish they had an event closer to me.

  2. Garf says:

    I want to become a kid again. This tournament looks fun!

  3. Great announcement! My family and I went to Legoland in Europe and had so much fun. I don’t live near one right now but I do plan on going to another one eventually.

  4. Lexie Lane says:

    Oh my gosh! I’ve never seen anything like this nor knew that it was so huge like this! Wow!

  5. Oh yay! They are coming to Raleigh! That’s pretty close!

  6. Jen says:

    My boys would go crazy for this! Too bad its only in the states! We might have to take a trip and try to hit one of those days! S

  7. OMG all I can think of is all of those legos I stepped on in the middle of the night when my daughter was little!!! LOL

  8. I hope that they come to my state soon, not yet though.

  9. Ronnie says:

    My sis went to Lego World and she loved it! I can only imagine that this will be similar, but with more activities.

  10. Tory Blum says:

    Sounds tempting! I still love lego, and how it brings out your creative side 🙂

  11. Maria says:

    I would love for this to come to my area. Nice!

  12. Heather says:

    “Lego Kids Fest 2014 Tour Announcment | Mommy Chronicles” ended up being a very good blog post.
    If it had much more images this could be perhaps even far better.
    Thanks -Kent

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