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Snow Day & Beanie Grey Hat

It was a bit of a snowstorm last night and I already knew that the school might have two-hour delay. Then in the morning the snow on the ground kind of big and the school got cancelled. So, i did not go to work and end up watching the kids. Had the chance to wear my new winter hat, the Beanie Grey Hat – Ski Cap Wool Blend – designed by CacheAlaska. I bought it on Amazon.com for a very good deal as I was using a coupon code for the product. The price of this Beanie hat is very affordable and it’s worth a buy because it’s comfy, warm and cozy. totally perfect for cold weather. The sizes are also great because it fit snuggly to your head with the one size and if you have bigger head then you can try the Large size. It covers the ears and your whole head, but not the eye area. Other hats actually are big enough to cover the eyes or small to have the ears exposed. i don’t know about you but since i got here in the US, I kind of become obsessive with winter hats and I don’t think i have enough. You can never have enough scarves, coat, winter hats, boots and other gears that are appropriate to every season of the year. So, if you are like me that enjoy collecting winter hats, then you would want this Beanie Knit Skull Cap – Wool Blend Ski Hat – Men or Women – designed by CacheAlaska added to your wardrobe winter fashion. This hat is also great all season long, even summer.

Beanie Knit Skull Cap – Wool Blend Ski Hat made of premium blend of 50% Wool 50% Acrylic that helps you stay warm on cold weather even if it is wet. Moreover the wools in the lined headband keeps it breathable, comfortable, perfect knit ski beanie for Winter, hiking and running for summer. The design and style is pretty simple yet, cool and rad. I like the Grey color as it looks solid and neutral and also it would match nicely with every outfit you wear. However, if you prefer other colors, there are more choices to choose from. You can even collect and have a spare one of each colors. It is also easy to care and if it gets dirty just throw it in the washer on cold, tumble dry on low heat. This hat would also make a Great Gift Idea.

CacheAlaska is your Remote Alaskan Outpost. They always offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee with excellent customer service.

I received this product at heavily discounted in exchange of an honest opinion.

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