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Cucustomize Your Designs

With websites like Etsy and Handmade by Amazon taking over the market, it’s easier than ever to thrive in a homemade goods business. Whether you like to cook food, sew blankets or make candles, you can monetize them in various ways. One of the best ways to sell your products involves attending local fairs and flea markets. If you’re selling food, you’ll probably need to go through a specific channel to get the ingredients approved for distribution. When you attend these fairs, there are a few ways you’ll want to advertise your business so that tons of people will come and visit your booth.

1. Well-Designed Booth
While beauty may in the eye of the beholder, you’ll want to make sure you catch every eye at the fair. In this case, it’s most important to have a booth that stands out. Use bright colors that align with your logo and company branding. Make sure that whoever is standing at your booth looks friendly and approachable. People are more likely to stop at a booth if they feel welcomed.

2. Custom Design
When people stop by your booth, you should always offer them something. Think of your home and the hospitality you naturally display. If someone comes to your house, you’d usually offer them something to drink or eat. The same concept applies to a booth. Get water bottles with custom labels that display the company logo. Create fun visors with the logo and make custom stickers. Make sure that whatever you create is eye-catching and visible. In this case, people will become walking billboards of your brand at the fair.

3. An Excellent Product
An excellent product can stand on its own. While using other advertising techniques will get the product in front of people, its quality will keep it in front of people. People love talking about the good things they discover. Word-of-mouth marketing is the best way to get the word out. People will also trust the testimonials of others who have experienced your brand. Out of all the advertising and marketing strategies you can invest in, creating a quality product will get you further than anything else.

Make sure your product can speak for itself. At the same time, don’t solely rely on that. Do your due diligence and spread the word at different events and through various mediums like social media. The more you focus on strengthening both arms of your business, you’ll be in a great shape for a long time.

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