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Helpful Tips and Tools for Teething

After enduring the weight of pregnancy and going through the labor process, most mothers can’t wait to snuggle with their little one and take good care of them. Between feeding, bathing, nursing and dotting over the baby, your hope is that the little one will be happier than ever. Unfortunately, there is a process called teething. When the teeth are developing and coming through the gums, this process is extremely irritating and painful for babies. As a result, they’ll often cry, whine and become very unpleasant to be around. Ironically, this is also the time when they’ll cling to you because they don’t know what else to do. In order to get through this difficult process, there are a few ways you’ll want to handle it. There are three major tools to keep close by so that when the going gets tough, you’ll have it covered.

1. Soothing Gels
Most local grocery stores and pharmacies sell lots of gels and ointments for teething. Normally, the ointments are pleasantly flavored and won’t repulse the baby. They contain numbing agents that will relieve the baby of the intense pain. The pain may not go away completely but it will be less intense. Some ointments are best used when rubbed on the gums before bedtime. Some researchers discourage the use of ointments that contain Benzocaine if the child is under 2 years old. Use your discretion as the parent.

2. Teething Toys and Necklaces
Teething toys and necklaces are great for little ones because they’re easy to use and are multi-purpose. If you buy teething toys, your baby will be able to get the relief of the pain and have fun at the same time. It won’t necessarily seem like a pain reliever because it’s a toy they get to play with. The same concept applies to the necklace. Some necklaces hang so a baby can play with it like it’s a toy. Other necklaces like the Baltic amber necklace wrap around like a loose choker. This type of necklace serves as a natural pain reliever due to its physical properties. Baltic amber stone is considered to have the same effect as ibuprofen for a headache.

3. Cold Compresses
Just like hot and cold compresses can relieve someone of pain endured during an injury or illness, cold compresses can work when a baby is teething. Put a chew toy in the freezer. A metal spoon is a great option as well. Small popsicles also help to relieve a small child and will taste great in the process.

4. Pressure
In the case where your little one doesn’t want any of those remedies, consider using the light pressure on the areas that hurt. If your baby just wants to snuggle on your lap, use a clean finger covered with gauze or a washcloth to apply light pressure to the gums. This can also be a relieving sensation for them.

While it’s happening, the teething process can seem unbearable. Thankfully, there are tools to help you get through it and it won’t last forever. If none of these remedies don’t seem to help, consider taking the baby to their primary care physician to make sure everything is okay. In most cases, things are fine. The teething process is one that you’ll just have to ride out. Just hang in there and be patient.Using these tools will help tremendously. Your baby will be back to normal in no time.

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