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Sunsella Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings #sunsella

Sunsella manufacture and sell quality innovative products for the Home & Kitchen via our Amazon store. Some of Sunsella products are as follows, Silicone Ice Pop Popsicle Molds, Silicone, Baking Cups, Bento Lunch Boxes, Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings and many more. Recently, my daughter and I have been having so much fun playing around while making pancake and eggs using the Sunsella Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings. I received a Set of 3 premium quality silicone egg rings which make cooking large amounts of pancakes or eggs a breeze. It’s pretty sleek and neat to use. Fantastic for family meals or single serves. Multi-use for any pan, skillet or griddle and fantastic for the BBQ. These egg rings will soon become one of your favorite kitchen gadgets!

Indeed, it is now one of my favorite kitchen gadgets! I bought a skillet or griddle last Black Friday and it became like a perfect pair for my new Sunsella Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings. My children love pancakes so usually on the weekend it is either they have pancake or frenchtoast. Sometimes, on weekdays if I have time I make pancake for their lunch, so this pancake rings would be a very useful gadgets to make a perfectly round pancake. This could also be useful gadget to make pancakes in a breakfast event especially this Christmas. You can make professional looking perfectly round pancakes and eggs every time.

Sunsella Silicone Egg & Pancake Rings pack of 3 measures 3” Diameter is made with high grade silicone that meets FDA Recommendations – Scratch Free Cooking – Stainless Steel Handle With Stay Cool Silicone Pad, BPA And Lead Free. Reusable, Non-Stick and Dishwasher Safe. Extra Thick Silicone Ring For Perfect Circles For Professional Food Presentation. Ideal For Single Eggs And Smaller Servings. Make Homemade Egg Muffins (Mcmuffin Maker), Mini Pancakes, Small Omelettes, Fried Or Poached Eggs, Burgers & More! A Perfect Accessory For An Electric Griddle Or Sandwich Maker. Perfect size for homemade crumpets and make a great gift idea!!!

Some benefits of Sunsella Egg Rings includes
– Fold-down handle for cooking with lid on and storage.
– Non-scratch for pans.
– High-grade stainless steel handle with stay cool silicone pad for easy removal from pan.
– Non-stick silicone for easy cleaning.
– Made from high grade premium silicone which is safe for your family.
– Heat resistant silicone.
– Wont stick like the metal rings.
– No need to clean between batches of pancakes.
– Durable and re-usable.
– Great for extra large eggs.

Evenly distributes heat (TEMP RANGE: -40 – 446F (230C)) for perfect eggs and pancakes all the way through. Make egg muffins at home just like the store bought ones.

Other options…
– Breakfast sandwiches
– Omlettes
– Desserts
– Benedict eggs
– Egg Muffins
– Burger patties
– And more…

Go to buy clicking on the link above to buy. It is very useful and affordable kitchen gadget that you can give as gift and have one for your own personal use.

Tips for Taking Road Trips with Autistic Kids

Autism is a medical condition or syndrome that causes kids and adults to behave in different ways. Depending on the severity of your child’s condition, he or she may have problems communicating, when schedules change and even with going to school. Though you might think it’s impossible to travel with kids who have autism, there are things you can do to help those kids feel comfortable on even the longest of card rides. It’s important that your child feels comfortable and safe while on the road ahead.

Create a Set Schedule

Children with autism often have a hard time with schedule changes, which is why you should attempt to follow the same schedule during your trip. If your child always has snack time at 10 in the morning and always eats lunch at noon, make stops at the same time. You can also work with your child to create a similar schedule while on the road. Let your son or daughter decide when to stop for bathroom breaks or meals and when to take naps or stop at attractions along the road.

Prepare in Advance

Parents of children with autism often find it helpful to prepare well in advance of a road trip. Sit down with your child to talk about some of the things you might see along the way and places you want to stop. Your son or daughter can even look over the map and find additional places to stop too. Parents can also prepare their children with shorter road trips. Start out with a short drive of 10 to 20 minutes before slowly working your way up to longer trips. This helps your child adjust to spending more time in the car.

Make the Ride Comfy

Making the ride more comfortable is one of the best things you can do. Bring along your child’s favorite blankets, pillows, stuffed animals and other toys from home. Your child might like having a few books to read or a tablet to play on too. When planning road trips, some parents look for weighted blankets autism tools too. These blankets have weights inside that press down on the child’s lap. This provides pressure that helps kids stay calm. Before you take off on a road trip with your autistic child, prepare in advance, create a set schedule and find ways to make the ride more comfortable.