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Women’s Catwoman Costume | Let’s Play Superhero

Wouldn’t be fun to be a superhero or someone else for Halloween? It’s my kids favorite holiday besides Christmas of course, and dressing up is what makes it even more exciting. Mom like me can play dress up too and be whatever we want. This year I would probably be this sexy feline – Catwoman, meooowww!!!

Through the years, Catwoman costume has evolved, but one thing has never changed it’s sexy black. I’ve seen the movie “Catwoman” played by actress Halle Berry and her costume was really sexy. I also love the Catwoman in 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises, which portrayed by Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle and her costume looks like the one I received from Halloween Adventure thru Costume Reviewers.

My world is all just shades of grey, Batman. That’s why you’ll never really understand me.
— Catwoman src

Selina Kyle is Catwoman, a costumed adventurer who’s been both super-hero and super-villain. Beginning her career as a thief and enemy to Batman, she later turned to crime-fighting and became part of the Batman Family. Despite her villainous nature, she works hard to protect the East End of Gotham City.

I would encourage you to check out DC Profile and learn more about Catwoman. In every Catwoman movie or series adaptation the character has its own unique or sexy way of heroism or batman villain perhaps.

Meanwhile, I was happy to received this free costume from Halloween Adventure to try it on and obviously I’ll be wearing this coming Halloween. Inside the box includes the Jumpsuit, Belt, gloves, headpiece, and eyemask.

Catwoman, in her first appearance, wore no costume or disguise at all. It was not until her next appearance that she donned a mask, which was a theatrically face-covering cat-mask that had the appearance of a real cat, rather than a more stylized face mask seen in her later incarnations. Later, she wore a dress with a hood that came with ears, and still later, a catsuit with attached boots and either a domino or glasses-mask.

The previous Catwoman costumes looked like a shiny leather suit. Well, if you visit Halloween Adventure you’d find different style of Catwoman suit. I picked this one because I like the material and quiet different from the other suit. Catwoman is a sexy feline like woman, nevertheless it’s cool that the suit is black, as I am not confident enough to wear a jumpsuit because of my extra chunks which fortunately the color helps hide the fats and doesn’t look so ugly at all.  Anyway, this Halloween our family will turn Superheroes trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. I’ll try to find a mask for Daddy for our superhero theme Halloween. Looks like it’s gonna be so much fun and exciting.

How Can Mothers Sneak In Exercise In Their Routine?

If you are a mom, you would certainly agree that you do not have the luxury to spend time for your workouts. However this can make staying in shape a difficult thing for you in the long run. This can be a challenging thing of you have a full time job and a long distance to commute. But, website suggests moms and new moms to sneak in some time for the exercises to stay fit and healthy. This is because it would help you have more energy to play with your kids and do other works at home. You can fit in few simple exercises using a bit of creativity as it would help you enjoy and relax your day at the same time.

Include workouts in your errands:
Though you have a super packed schedule with a tight timing, you can find time for workouts while doing some errands.
· If you have to go to the grocery store for shopping and have to take your baby on his stroller in the evening.
· You can plan your grocery shopping while you strap your baby on the stroller.
· Though it might be a bad idea to walk up to your grocery store, you will have fun when you take your baby in a stroller.
· If you are already fit then you can try jogging with the stroller to get back in shape much quickly.
· In addition, you can finish 2 tasks in one go.
Do a core crunch on your office desk:
Use the breaks you get in office to do some workouts instead of sticking to your chair and staying hooked to your computer screen.
· This would help you get a perfect body and have a clear mind.
· You can perform some crunches, squats and pilates or walk briskly to get enough energy for the rest of the day.
· You can even browse online for some beneficial exercises to perform while in office without inviting other’s attention.

Take the stairs:

Though a ride on a lift or an escalator would be a welcome for your body after a tiring day at office, make sure that you use the stairs to get down or even to go your office in the morning. This would help you lose some extra calories which might have accumulated during your pregnancy.
Staying healthy and fit is not a pain anymore, if you have the willpower to do a few workouts.