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Filipino Family @ FAAP

I have been very busy with work, family, kids school and at home that I’m missing a whole lot of fun stuffs at FAAP lately. I don’t have the time anymore to go there every Sunday or Saturday because I have work sched sometimes. Anyway, last Saturday I went to attend the open house cooking demo and baby shower. It was fun and I really had a wonderful time hanging out with my fellow Filipino, our pinoy kapamilya. I snagged this photo at ate Fanny’s post on Facebook, i hope it’s alright.

By the way, the Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh or FAAP will have a recital presentation or Parangal in celebration of 50 years Philippine folk dances in Greater Pittsburgh Area on April 18th, 2015. Feel free to check it out and learned about Philippine folk dances. For more details, you can visit their website at or Facebook page thru this link Bring your friends and family. Get your tickets now!

Make Reading A Habit

I used to have this quote “Make Learning A Habit” in the wall of my classroom back then when I was still a teacher. Seeing those children learned to read or something from your lesson is rewarding and kind of awesome. Until now I still kind of fixated from my previous job and I miss teaching. Anyway, I have two wonderful children of my own now and I am proud to say that they learned how to read early. My 5 year old is collecting all our Dr. Seuss book and been reading it every night. She learned a few songs from school, and songs from the Disney movie frozen and she can sing it with correct lyrics because she’s been reading it through YouTube. Right now she kind of memorize already this song “Shine Jesus Shine” as she’s been reading/singing it on YouTube. I am so proud of my children and I wish they will make reading as a good habit not just for now but until they grow up. View video on FAcebook

Shine Jesus Shine

Posted by Sheila Worthington on Tuesday, March 24, 2015