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UP Concert Chorus with Nanette Inventor

The UP choir had their concert last weekend here in Pittsburgh which was hosted by FAAP and we were so lucky to have watched such incredible performance. The members of the choir were from UP alumni and they made a tour all over Europe and some places here in the US. Together with the group was a famous Filipino comedian celebrity Nanette Inventor who also have amazing voice.

Kareoke as Pastime

Music is everywhere and basically the universal language of mankind according to a certain american poet. Wherever you may be and what culture you may have the effect of music is quite similar to other people from different cultures. Through music, you can freely express your feelings it may be anger, sadness, happiness, and even insecurities. Well, back in our home country, most of the people there they always have music in every celebration like fiesta and of course the kareoke to complete the fun. Koreoke is our ancestors favorite pastime. Whoever gets a hold of a microphone won’t let go of it so soon and the song “my way” is always sung a lot of times. Anyway, don’t settle for one microphone buy another good one just in case you are running a music label studio and I read online that Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone or at2020 is the ideal mic for project and home studio applications. Musicians have talent for finding quality instrument and equipment, the same thing with professional singer which is sometimes they bring their own microphone to every gig and show they get to perform.