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Faucet Needs Replacement

One of our faucets needs replacement. Water is dripping and I don’t like the idea that water is water. For me every drop of water counts, and when these small drops are gathered together, it could make into a liter, a gallon or perhaps a barrel. Water is very precious and so I must tell hubby to buy a replacement faucet and fix the broken one. If hubby could not find time, I guess I have will have to do some shopping online and then call a plumber to fix our faucets.

I know it will cost a lot to get a plumber but that’s only an option should hubby try not to find time to have the faucet replaced. For sure he will find time to do it since it would also be extra expense to be paying for wasted water, right? I just hope it will be soon or come weekend so that there won’t be any more drippings and wasted water.

Pink Friday | Pink Tutu | Family Picture

My curly tops kikay in her new tutu that I bought at target for 5 bucks I think. One day she will love wearing this tutu because girls love tutu.

She has two tutu now so it’s gonna be twotwo bwahahaha. Anyway, this picture right here was taken last Christmas. Noticed the background of that picture which I used before as desktop background. Well, it’s a two in one family picture. My family and Marz Ruby family/children. Pretty neat huh!

Happy weekend all. Pardon me if I won’t be able to visit the meme participant this week. My computer monitor decided to take a lifetime vacation on me. Yeah, it gone rekemeter amen. I have to buy new monitor but dunno know when.