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Trick-Or-Treat 2016

Halloween came and gone so quick. This year my dragons dressed as Pirates and Birthday Cake. They went trick-or-treating with their friends at school, and different neighborhood. Our neighborhood is kind of quiet during Halloween because there were less children going around for candies. So, it was quiet more exciting and fun this year. Every corner they met and greet other group or friends of trick-or-treaters. It was more like a Halloween town in that street.

The girl wanted to keep up with the boy, fell of the ground and ripped her costume. But that did not bother her as she still continued to ran around like wild cake and fell again. They finished trick-or-treating with a smile in their face, happy and satisfied.

Trick-or-Treat 2015

This year by far the best trick-or-treat our J&J have had in the last six years. Why, you asked well, because they get to do it twice and went to an awesome party before the trick-or-treat. This lil Miss, didn’t care about the broken arm and yet managed to hold the golf club to hit the ball right through the mouth of this creepy clown. I put all their treats in a bag and I’m sure these will last a year.