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Chefs Limited Whistling Tea & Coffee Kettle

Chefs Limited Whistling Stainless Steel Tea & Coffee Kettle #ChefsLimitedTeaKettle

I have been meaning to buy a new tea kettle to replace the one that I burnt and overheated. I was so careless and absentminded when I was boiling water for coffee, and overheated it until the water dried up and burnt the pot to the point of melting the attached spout cover, the side of the lid and cover handle. I was trying to buy one last Black Friday but couldn’t find the design that would suit my husband’s style. I’m lucky to have given the opportunity to try and review the Chefs Limited Whistling Tea Kettle in exchange of my honest opinion. Click on the link to go to Amazon.com if you want to want to buy for your personal use or as a gift.

Meanwhile, I happy to finally get rid of this damaged and burnt kettle. It may sound embarrassing to continued using it until I received a new one. However, it’s a good thing I did not buy a new Kettle because this Chefs Limited Whistling Tea Kettle is way better than any Kettle I found at store and online. It’s worth a buy and I like the brand and design.

Chefs Limited Whistling Tea & Coffee Kettle features Heat Resistant Silicone Handle which Allows for Easy Handling And Pouring while the Tight Fitting Lid With a Heat Resistant Knob Seals In The Heat On This Whistling Teapot. The spout makes pouring water easy and quick. Our previous Kettle was also a whistling kettle and yet I overheated or burnt it. I think I did not hear when it whistled. Chefs Limited Whistling Kettle or Teapot Has A Pleasant Whistle Sound That Signals When Water Is Boiling and the Heat Resistant Ring On The Spout Cover Is Easily Removable For Pouring.

The reservoir has 2.75 quarts capacity is large that will make up to 88 ounces which equals eleven 8 ounces cups and is all quality stainless steel. Perfect Size to boil water and easy to clean stovetop teakettle and is dishwasher safe. It appears to have a tight seal around the edge. The silicone handle is the great feature among tea kettles. Chef Limited Kettle heat resistant silicone handle makes handling and pouring easy and light. This Stove Top Whistling Teapot has Tight fitting Lid and with Heat resistant Knob Seals in the heat on. The whistle works pretty good As the water temperature rises the whistle gets louder. The sound is not too loud but loud enough that I can hear it through my house. The end of the whistle has a pin type handle and is heat resistant so it is safe to touch when the water Is heating. The bottom of the kettle is thicker stainless steel and large enough that it covers the largest burner on any stove top. I think the bottom Is partly why this kettle is so efficient at heating quickly. The Modern Designed Heat Resistant Spout Cover On Our Whistling Kettle Is Easily Removable For Pouring.

Chefs Limited Whistling Tea & Coffee Kettle modern design along with the black and stainless steel material combination makes this a perfect tea kettle to enhance and blend in with today’s contemporary appliances. Check this out on Amazon.

Leakproof Bento Lunch Box #sunsella

This is another Bento Box that I just received for free in exchange of a review. Leakproof, 3 Compartment, Bento Lunch Box, Airtight Food Storage Container – Blue by Sunsella. As you can see I like Bento Box for obvious reason that i have two children who goes to school and they prefer to pack lunches than buying food at the cafeteria. They only buy food twice a month depending on the food menu. Bento box comes in different color, size, style and brand maker. In my previous post, it features a 3 compartment bento box from Sunsella but this one has cooler features. Go to Amazon.com to buy your children a new bento box and it also make a good gift ideas.

Made with high quality and durability
★ 100% Leak proof
★ 3 separated spill-proof compartments
★ Food safe plastic
★ BPA and lead free
★ Meets FDA standards
★ Adults and children (Boys or girls Age 7+ recommended)
★ ✓ Reusable ✓ Microwave, dishwasher& freezer safe

Use for healthy snack storage and salad to go or make portion control meals for weight loss – Perfect for freezing toddler and baby food. Meal preparation is easy for adults and kids – Eco friendly all in one tupperware with no need for sandwich bags or a single use disposable container, plate or tray – Combine with a backpack or a cooler bag for a school or office lunchbox. Healthy and nutritious options are easy for your kids lunches with these premium quality, bento style, Sunsella containers!

Some other uses for Sunsella Bento Boxes…
✓ Serving dish for dips and appetizers
✓ On-the-go snacks for road trips and flights
✓ Store baby food in the freezer
✓ Snack or candy container
✓ Freezing leftovers
✓ Picnic container
✓ Arts and crafts storage
✓ Separating Lego
✓ And more…

Leakproof lid function:

To close: Place lid on base, press down firmly around entire edge and compartment divider before closing clips, this will ensure the leakproof seal functions correctly.
To open: Unlatch all clips, use one clip to lift lid and release the leakproof seal to allow for easy removal from base.

Microwave Use:

Do not exceed 2 minutes in the microwave when reheating food using the base and lid. (Base may be used separately for longer reheating times)
Do not close clips – Place lid loosely on an angle so all compartments are vented allowing steam to escape.
Do not microwave empty containers, product is intended for reheating purposes only. (Do not use for cooking)

Freezer Use:

For freezer use, allow room for ice expansion and let food defrost slightly before removing lid to prevent damage to the container.


For best results soak after use. Hand wash lid where possible or top rack dishwasher safe.
To remove stubborn stains or grease from plastic, a white vinegar and water soak can be used followed by a wash and rinse or alternatively a baking soda and water mix is also great for cleaning plastic.

Leakproof, 3 Compartment, Bento Lunch Box blue #sunsella

Bento Box is also great as work lunch box, plan and prepare lunch in advance and store in the fridge for quick and easy, hassle free mornings. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. One size fits all. Ideal size for Mom, Dad and the Kids too! Sunsella makes meal planning simple, add variety to your lunches with the 3 compartment design, different food combinations are endless! No need for multiple, different size containers with Sunsella Bento Boxes you can have everything in one. Have pre-prepared healthy snacks like fruit slices or vegetable sticks on hand in the fridge for quick and nutritious options for your children.

Another #sunsella 3 compartment Bento Box (4 pack) grey

Below are other style of Bento Box and school lunches ideas.