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Simplify Cooking & Baking | Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale Review

Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle? Then why don’t you do it right by eating right and proper diet with accurate measurement. Good health and happiness are just not so easy to accomplish. Good foods make us happy but not all food that are taste heavenly delicious are good for our health. With kitchen scale you can easily cook your favorite food with the right measurement of calorie and nutrients needed. So, it’s either compromise, work harder or simply give up. What are you going to do?

They say kitchen scale is a must-have tools for every American household and very essential if you want to lose weight and have a strict diet. Most people who successfully live and lead a healthy lifestyle have scale in their kitchen even people that do vigorous workout, yoga, health and fitness. Moreover, kitchen scale can simplify your baking and cooking because it allows your to move around your kitchen and bake or cook with your kitchen scale. Typically we use measuring cups and different utensils in baking and cooking. Well, not anymore if you have kitchen scale. It minimize the mess and gives you accurate measurement.

I was given the opportunity to try Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale in exchange of a review. Included in the box are the easy to use Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale, batteries and manual. This kitchen scale looks elegant, fancy and sturdy which is totally different from ordinary scale. Honestly, cooking and baking are not my strong suit. Gathering and measuring all the ingredients for me are such a hassle. But I do love to eat and I like cake and pastry. In addition, this past year I’ve been wanting to lose weight but I don’t pay attention to the kind of food I consume and its nutritional value. What I’m saying is, if you have kitchen scale you feel confident to cook your own food and bake your favorite desserts or appetizers. Keep track of the food you eat and follow your recipes and ingredients easily with accurate measurements.

All restaurants, pastry or baking shop and food chain uses kitchen scale in order to provide good food to their customer. Perhaps, you already have kitchen scale but if you want to upgrade to the latest technology then Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale has the right design features. It certainly provide accurate measurement. The contoured base layered with a reflective glass sheet for understated elegance and décor is very unique. Shatter-resistant glass weighing platform is completely separated from the touch buttons to ensure the highest possible accuracy. Reinforced sturdy base keeps the scale in place during operation. Features an instant-response Unit button to effortlessly change the unit of measurement, and an instant-response Tare button to calculate the net weight of your ingredients. Large high-contrast LED screen displays weights up to a maximum of 5000 g (176 oz) in graduations of 1 g or 0.1 oz. Buy it at Amazon.com for a very reasonable price. You can also read what other people say about this product at the review section. For more information visit www.ozeri.com and read updates about their product on Facebook.

Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home. Ozeri is also an emerging brand in the consumer marketplace. Ozeri products are made available to the consumer through an efficient business model.

Digital Pedometer by Ozeri | World’s Most Advanced Tri-Axis Technology

What better way to start the day than a good exercise and exhausting yet stimulating warm up to stay in shape, active and alert. It’s time to gear up for morning workout, get on your running shoes and hit the track.

First and foremost, I want to thank Ozeri for sending me this Ozeri 4x3motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology that is very useful in tracking my exercise activity accurately. The 4x3motion Digital Pedometer records steps, distance, speed, calories and time. Last time I was sent by Ozeri a Weight Master II which is very important in tracking my crazy weight loss. It is discouraging and stressing sometimes to lose weight when you’re aging. This small tracking device can be a good motivational tool for me that provide incentives in my fitness and weight loss struggles.

4x3motion Digital Pedometer by Ozeri, Lithium Battery, a bonus strap and instruction manual and Mini Philips screwdriver

I was so happy when I received this Pedometer as I can finally use a real tracking device that not only look neat and fancy but it has exciting cool features. Inside the box includes 4x3motion Digital Pedometer by Ozeri came with Lithium Battery, a bonus strap or lanyard so you can safely hang it on your neck, plus an instruction manual as guide and Mini Philips screwdriver. Compact, sleek and ultra slim, the 4x3motion Digital Pedometer fits in any pocket and is the ultimate personal trainer, used by professional athletes. A must-have tracking device not just for professional runners but as well as sports and physical fitness enthusiasts. Pedometer is now becoming popular as an everyday exercise measurer is the best motivation tool for people wanting to increase their physical activity. Essentially, Pedometers have been shown in clinical studies to increase physical activity, and reduce blood pressure levels and Body Mass Index.

Anyhow, I’ve been doing some running and walking in the morning after I take the kids to school. It’s just a half to a mile run at the oval or bridle trail by the park. I thought it’s a good start and warm up for my workout exercise as well as getting on my chores. I am not saying I lose weight already but I feel great and apparently feeling productive. When I got the Pedometer on the mail last week, I set it up and tried it on right away.  I ran a 1.32 mile from our house to the oval track by the park which basically made 4174 steps in 33 minutes and burned 79.8 k calorie.  Isn’t it sounds amazing? So, get your own personal digital pedometer by visiting Ozeri website or Buy it on Amazon.com for $18.95 only!

Records steps, distance, average speed, calories burned and time spent exercising with the 4x3motion Digital Pedometer by Ozeri – the world’s most advanced 3D pedometer that displays your data on a new bright LCD with a night view backlight. Utilizes the latest generation in Tri-Axis technology to provide superior accuracy in any position, whether up, down, flat, on its side, or at any angle. Used by professional 100 mile ultra runners such as Evan Kimber. Below are some of the cool feature that makes this Pedometer a high quality technology.

  • Ultra Slim Design-fits in any Pocket
  • New 3D Tri-Axis Sensor-Superior Accuracy in any Position
  • Counts up to 1 Million Steps
  • Tracks Distance, Speed & Calories Burned
  • 7-Day Memory
  • 3 Recording Modes: Today, Split & Total
  • Blue Backlight for Night Viewing
  • Sports Timer, Clock and Calendar
  • Split Screen Display for Multi-Data Views
  • Auto Sleep Mode
  • Lithium Battery included

Visit their website at www.ozeri.com and browse at their product gallery to check out some of Ozeri’s quality products. Connect with Ozeri by liking their Facebook page to learn more about the company’s overview and stay updated with latest news and promotion.

Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home. Ozeri is also an emerging brand in the consumer marketplace. Ozeri products are made available to the consumer through an efficient business model.