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Tips For Moving Out Of Your Apartment

You have been preparing for your move for several months, and you are finally ready to say goodbye to your apartment. Moving out of your apartment can be an exciting and stressful experience. You are starting a new chapter in your life, but you do not want to cause your landlord or neighbors any inconvenience. You also want to avoid causing yourself any stress during the move. Here are several tips to help you move out of your apartment without any problems.

Enlist In Help

It never hurts to ask a friend or relative to help you sort through or pack up your belongings. If you are worried about moving heavy or bulky items, it is best to hire professional movers Morristown NJ. They know how to move your items without damaging the floor or walls in your apartment.

Purge Your Items

You know it is going to be tough to pack your belongings in a smaller space, so lighten the load by getting rid of the items you do not use or wear. Items that are in good condition can be donated or sold, and the items that are damaged or expired can be recycled or discarded. Start packing the items you are planning to keep but do not use frequently.

Reserve The Elevator

There is nothing more frustrating or tiresome than going up and down the stairs to load your vehicle. Talk to your landlord about reserving the elevator in advance. This way, you can quickly transport your items downstairs without feeling exhausted. Remember, your movers may not be able to use the elevator if you do not reserve it.

Plan Out Parking

It is your responsibility to figure out the parking situation for your peers or movers. They may need to park in a certain area of the property, or you may be able to reserve a spot near the door. It is important to talk to your landlord and find out your options before moving day.

If you enlist in help, lighten the load and talk to your landlord, moving day at your apartment is sure to go smoothly.

Lunar New Year 2018 | Year of the Dog

Last Saturday was the the beginning of the 3rd Annual Lunar New Year Celebration and this going to be a two weeks celebration from February 17th until March 4th. This celebration known to many as Chinese New Year. This year they celebrate the 2018 Year of the Earth Dog! Squirrel hill and the Asian Pacific American community of Greater Pittsburgh have come together to honor the Lunar New Year with events that cultivate an appreciation of Asian arts & crafts and authentic cuisine, as well as to promote a deeper understanding of the East Asian cultural diversity. Philippine is one of the Asian country so we take part of that said event. This coming weekend is a continuation the the Lunar New Year celebration and there’s going to be a parade at squirrel hill, so if you are in the area next week, then you would not want to miss it out.

I just read an interesting story of Lunar New Year and the story behind the making of the Chinese zodiac of 12 animals. This story was found in the program from last week, here it goes.

The Jade Emperor wanted to create a way to organize time, so decided to hold a race crossing a river. He would honor the first twelve animals to finish the race with a year each in the zodiac. The rat, which could not swim very well, asked the ox to carry him across. The kind-hearted ox agreed, and as soon as land within the sight, the rat jumped off ox’s back and was the first to make it across the river, followed by the ox and then the tiger. Next came rabbit. The dragon came 5th, after stopping along its way to help some creatures below. The horse almost came in 6th but was scared by the snake, who took its spot. The monkey, the ram, and the rooster all made their way across the river together on a raft. They crossed he finish at the same time but agreed to give the ram the 8th spot, the monkey the 9th, and the rooster the 10th.

The dog was the fastest swimmer but had stopped top play in the water, thus coming in at 11th. In 12th, and the last place, was the boar, who stopped along the way to eat and take a nap. Quiet a funny story for the dog huh. Are you born on a year of the dog? If so well, hear this out and see if the dog’s characteristic suits you.

Meanwhile, this year, 4716 on the Chinese calendar, is the Year of the Earth Dog. In the West, dogs are often seen as loyal, friendly, and loving. Likewise in the Chinese zodiac, people born in the Year of the Dog are steadfast, honest, kind, cautious, and courageous. They are good-natured, get along well with others, and keen to help much like “man’s best friend.”

Horoscope- People who are born in the year of the dog can expect ups and downs in their luck this year. Lucky numbers for people born in the year of the dog are 3, 4, and 9; lucky flowers are rose, oncidium, cymbidium, and orchids, and the lucky colors are green, red and purple. For those not born in the year of the dog, this year should be auspicious and a good year to embark on new projects.