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Milestones | 2nd Lose Tooth

Like we always say, baby grows so fast and yes they are. It felt like it was yesterday when I had this lil lambchop in his first baby food and with her adorable toothless smile. I lost track of time and missed posting about their milestones because as these children grow, they got more demands and more needy.

She was still drooling with her four teeth and with all fairness to this lil kikay, she wasn’t so fussy when she was teething.

Then, after 7 years that first tooth became the first lose tooth. She lost her first tooth at the end of that same month of her birthday. Yesterday, daddy pulled her 2nd lose tooth. It was funny this morning when she woke up and checked under her pillow and found nothing. Most children including mine believes in tooth fairy and they expect it after they lose their tooth. So, as she started crying I snuck in a dollar on her bed and said, ” Sweetie, what’s that dollar on the bed, is that yours?” LOL. And she believed it.

Simple Tips in Buying Gifts

My daughter just celebrated her 7th birthday last week and even if she did not get the party that she wanted, she still happy because she received mostly all the gifts that she had in her list. She made a list since last year and every now and then it changes when she sees cool stuff on TV. As a mom and the only person that do all the cleaning, I would have bought my kids a different gifts, something that is useful and will last longer. On the other hand my husband believes that we should buy our kids the things they like, and she spoils our kids in that department. I guess he is right because as I look at my children all smiles and happy while building legos and playing their toys. If you’re trying to buy gifts for children, check out this awesome post from My Kid Needs That.

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One of the things that you need to remember when shopping for gifts is that you should give gifts that you think the recipient of the gift would appreciate. The gift can be something that they can use regularly or something related to their hobby. Make sure that the gift is not only age appropriate but it complement the whole set such as hat stand for someone who has a band or music studio. You don’t want your gift to just end up stored in a cabinet because the recipient of the gift does not have a practical use for them. It would also help if you know where to buy quality and affordable gift items so that you don’t end up spending more than you should.