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Pink Friday | Partners in Crime

I am using my netbook and I don’t have pictures stored in it for Pink Friday. So, I went through my pictures file in Picasa that was uploaded from Blogger. I found these photos of Jake and Justine.

In this picture, i can tell that they’ve been in partnership since they were still very little. I think Justine was still 10 months old in this picture and Jake just turned two years old. My sister visited us and in fact we were there in the same room where these two wasting the wipes. Apparently, they snuck out and went under the table. They’re best partners in crime, best frienemy, brother and sister and the best rivals too.

34/366 and Pink Friday | Pink Kitchen and Smile

Amazing J&J - My Happy Bundles

A genuine smile from my genuine and adorable kids. A contagious smile that brightens up my day. So pure and real. Smile and the world will smile right back at you ~ mommy chronicles

I’m featuring my little Miss pink kitchen.
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