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Parangal… A tribute to the past… a gift for the future

FAAP Dance Troupe

The Filipino American Association of PittsburghFAAP is a non profit organization dedicated to preserve, promote and perpetuate the Filipino heritage through cultural, charitable and educational programs. This association was started in 1957 as an informal social group and was formally organized as the Samahang Pilipino ng Pittsburgh (SPNP) in 1964, which later on became the Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh, Inc. (FAAP) in 2000. In 1964 FAAP Dance Troupe was created and formed a group with handful of graduate students and professionals to participate at the 8th Pittsburgh Folk Festival at Syria Mosque, Oakland. The FAAP family and dance troupe member grow bigger as they trained children to participate in some selective folk dances and performs in different cultural and charity event. Every dance performances that The FAAP Dance troupe presented became a hit, applauded and praised by the audience. All that thanks to the help and expertise of their knowledgeable dance choreographer and instructor who patiently teach these kids about the dance. These talented members of the dance troupe performs in many area festivals, local hospitals, schools, historical, Kennywood Park, and private events. Every Sunday and sometimes Saturday parents of these young talented kids take time and efforts to drive them for dance practice. This year the FAAP Dance Troupe will have their 50th Anniversary Recital on May 25, Sunday, 3 pm at Bellefied Hall Auditorium @ 315 South Bellefield , Oakland , Pittsburgh. I encourage you to check out The FAAP Dance Troupe page on Facebook for details and updates. Read the article below for more information about the recital and the event’s theme Parangal… A tribute to the past… a gift for the future.

The Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh Dance Troupe opens a very special season of celebration to mark its 50 years of Philippine folk dancing in the Greater Pittsburgh area with a dance recital “Parangal”. Parangal is a Tagalog word which means tribute. The season’s performances are centered on the whole idea of honoring not only the Filipino heritage but the founding fathers of the FAAP Dance Troupe, the choreographers, dance instructors, dancers and supporters for the past 50 years. It also recognizes that by continuing the legacy of Philippine folk dancing, the present generation is passing down a gift or the heritage to the next.

“Parangal “ will feature ethnic music, harana and twenty two dances divided into 5 different suites. Cordillera suite, will stage music and dance of the Kalinga people of the mountain province. Tribal or Lumad Suite is composed of dances from the forgotten tribes who to this day strive to preserve their customs and traditions in the midst of the rapidly changing world. This suite will conclude with Dinagyang, one of the most popular festivals in the Philippines. Maria Clara suite will show how Spanish reign in the Philippine influenced our dances. In the Muslim Suite, the dancers will skillfully characterize another major culture group, the Muslims. Dances are graceful, flowing and fluid much like the ocean that surrounds them. Colorful and intricate designs of their costumes and the mesmerizing sounds of the kulintang makes this suite the most exotic of all Filipino dances. The recital will conclude with Barrio Fiesta Suite, perhaps best known and closest to Filipino heart. This suite will stage merrymaking in the rural life thru music and dances ending with the Philippine National Dance, Tinikling.

Dances in this recital are chosen based on well-researched studies and showcase authentic costumes and music. The Dance Troupe is under the artistic direction of Bayanihan Dance Company Alumnae, Lilian Stefanick, assisted by Kiana Del Grosso, Pj Rethage and Jae Vilao.

Join us at the Bellefield Hall Auditorium on May 25, 3 pm as we officially open the year of celebrations and tribute and as we embark on the next 50 years.Article source; thefaap.org

Visit FAAP website at http://thefaap.org/and like them on Facebook.

Awesome Monster Truck Jam!

How was your Valentine’s day everyone?
monster jam
We watched Monster Jam yesterday and it was also our Valentine’s family date. Thanks to Pittsburgh Kids Guide and US Family Guide for the free ticket to this exciting event. It was a ferociously loud monster trucks jam day. The kids had amazing night and it was indeed an incredible weekend to remember.

You still have time to buy tickets to Monster Jam show tonight at Consol Energy Center here in Pittsburgh. Click on the badge below to buy tickets for you and your lil monsters.

Show Schedule:
Fri Feb. 14 – 7:30pm
Sat Feb 15 – 2:00pm and 7:30pm
Sun Feb 16 – 2:00pm

Front Row – $55 All Seats
Gold Circle – $35 All Seats
3rd Price Level – $25 Adults / $12 Kids (ages 2 – 12)

Here are some of the amazing monster trucks jamming it up. Let’s start with Ice Cream Man as the first monster truck showing it off the ramps. Who would have thought an ice cream truck to fly that high to scored 19 points.
Ice Cream Man
Then followed with the Instigator, Illuminator, Zombie, Xtermigator, Iron Man, Monster Mutt, Grave Digger, and also the fun Quad wars.
Iron Man

It was Iron Man won the race and the Champion of last night’s Monster Jam. As these gigantic trucks coming out it was extremely loud that it hurts your ears and chest and yet I love that ferocious roar of these trucks. Watch out as these trucks taking the ramps and jamming it off.

Racing Champions
The Quad wars added some fun on that event. New England won on the first round and of course Pittsburgh took the lead on the second round. During the last round it was a chaos between New England and Pittsburgh that they had to challenge each other to find out who’s the real quad wars winner. You see in the picture that Pittsburgh run over New England, that was crazy fun.
Quad Wars
quad wars
monster jam
Below are the tough and monster drivers behind all these monster trucks. Iron Man won the Racing Champion Round and he gave both of his trophies to his fans. Two lucky kids able to go home with Iron Man’s trophies and also one fan audience caught grave diggers shirt that he gave away.
monster truck drivers
Don’t miss out more of Monster Jam’s show and event. Check em’ out here;

Buy Tickets @ http://www.usfamilyguide.com/PittsburghShows/
Website; Monster Jam.com
Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mjonline,
Follow on Twitter: @MonsterJam https://twitter.com/MonsterJam
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