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Tech Timeout and Zombies Withdrawal

This past days and months my kids have been playing a lot in the computer to the point of addiction as they don’t want to go to bed early anymore because they want to play more Plants vs Zombies, angry birds, sonics and games in one of their lessons. At first I let them use my netbook for their lessons in Reading Eggs and they both learned a lot from it. Then the girl figured it out how to open my netbook because she knows my password and instead of doing her lessons she spent more time in a game section of that lesson. When I received my tablet I installed the zombies app and of course played with it without limitation. The boy got carried away to the extent that he won’t let go of my tablet anymore.

The Plants vs. Zombies had affected my angry buckaroo so I limit the games to two but they still able to snuck out some few games. Last Friday he was in a good mood when I picked him up from school. While we were walking he said he was nice at school and added the question, “am i allowed to play with the tablet now mommy?”, I answered I’ll think about it. Clever boy. But he was not happy about it and started acting bad. He said will not coming home, and that he will go back to school and more. He even said, “you are not my mommy anymore”, You’re not my friends, you’re my enemy today, tomorrow and next tomorrow and yada yada yada. All these meanie words from his cute mouth are because of the Plants vs. Zombies. This is the reason why a tech timeout and withdrawal is necessary. He cried when I teased him and pretending to dial my phone to call a cop.

I also installed the app in my cellphone so instead of the tablet, i can use the cellphone for them to play with. The cellphone is a bit slow than tablet and with that I was thinking they probably got bored, annoyed and might decide to quit playing but I was wrong because even if the game time is over and the boy stole and snuck out with my phone while it was still charging. It doesn’t look right anymore because he had been sneaking out with my phone and hide under his bed to play with zombies.

The tech timeout and zombies withdrawal didn’t come out so pretty so far. I’m still hearing some pretty mean word from the boy’s mouth whenever he asked to play with the tablet or cellphone. Today he refused to come with us with Justine to this pinoy community because I told him I won’t bring the tablet with me. Christmas is couple of days away and I hope when they open their presents it will change everything.

Playful Planet | Storyland Yoga DVD {review}

Teaching a child discipline and patience can be difficult. For anyone looking for better solution yet fun maybe Yoga is the answer.

Empowering kids and families to be healthy and live sustainably

It’s true what most parents and moms say that children don’t come with manual thus disciplining won’t be that easy. We cannot underestimate the children and toddlers because as much as they can’t say a lot of words to voice their needs and wants, they have their own ways to make it known to everyone and that is called tantrums. Giving them a variety of fun-filled activity is a helpful destruction to avoid tantrums and meltdown. Pictures above are my children doing their yoga using this kids yoga DVD that was sent to me. Have fun with your kids through Storyland yoga from Playful Planet which was created created to empowering kids and their families to be healthy and live sustainably! ~Stay Playful.

Here is a short definition about yoga from Wikipedia.
Yoga is the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent peace.

Adults use this method of exercise not only in a form of meditation to relax their mind but in various body movement that improves strength, balance and flexibility to stay fit and healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Less stress means healthy mind and body.

Storyland yoga

Storyland Yoga DVD by Playful Planet

Well, yoga is not for adult anymore as children have their own version of yoga that is fun, educational and engaging. Playful Planet has their own version of yoga for children that is fun and engaging which allows them to embrace health and sustainability in a playful way. Yoga is a great exercise and helps to calm children, giving them greater focus and increased clarity. As a mom, I am thankful for the opportunity to received a Storyland Yoga DVD from Playful Planet.

Storyland Yoga is a fun-filled adventure that infuses children with an eco-conscious message. Two unique stories, Save the Whale and Condor Trek, engage a child’s imagination through storytelling. Kid’s learn yoga postures by becoming part of the story and imitating animals. Yoga is great exercise and helps to calm children, giving them greater focus and increased clarity. By connecting with nature and gaining respect for their own health and well being, children become empowered to create solutions for the health and sustainability of our planet. Storyland Yoga is equally fun for parents and family members who can benefit from yoga, while enjoying organic time with their children.

My four year daughter had been doing her yoga since she was three. She sometimes act like a yoga guru to her brother by correcting him with his pose and position. However, Storyland Yoga DVD has a different approach and activity that makes it more interestingly fun and engaging for children ages 3-8 year old. Storyland yoga DVD introduces and demonstrates different yoga poses for kids that are easy to follow. In Storyland Yoga, kids learn yoga by imitating animals and going on a fun-filled adventure to help the planet. My two little munchkins had a blast doing their yoga while listening to a story about animals. Visit their website at www.playfulplanet.com for more information about the company. Or go to Storyland Yoga for more information about the product. To purchase your own copy of yoga DVD, visit their store online. I encourage you to follow and LIKE their Facebook page and Twitter (@playfulplanet) to connect with Playful Planet and get updated with the latest receive news, activity and promotion.

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